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Awkward Moments for Celebrities (44 pics)

Even rich and famous celebrities have bad days. Have a look at these photos and you will recognize these celebrities who are having an awkward moment. Cher

16 Bare-Faced Celebs That Inspire Us to Put Down the Makeup Brushes Meeooowww - I'm sorry - but somehow this makes me feel better about myself. Celebrities Without Makeup - Daily MakeoverMeeooowww - I'm sorry - but somehow this makes me feel better about Photoshop, Real Beauty, Hair Beauty, Make Up Black, Celebs Without Makeup, With And Without Makeup, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Celebrities With Plastic Surgery, Makeup Before And After

Just 16 Bare-Faced Celebs That Inspire Us to Put Down the Makeup Brushes

From Cameron Diaz to Queen Bey herself, here are the stripped down selfies that inspire us to embrace bare skin all summer.

Yet another example of this fantasy female image society creates. Kate Upton Before and After Photoshop.she looks fine before photoshop if they would put her in a swimsuit that actually fit her Sports Illustrated, Before And After Photoshop, Photoshop Celebrities, Actrices Hollywood, No Photoshop, Photoshop Photos, Victoria, Real Beauty, Mannequins

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SHOCKING! How Celebrities Look Without Photoshop! | Huda Beauty | Makeup Tips, Reviews & Skincare Advice

PHOTOSHOP | CELEBRITY By Huda Heidi Kattan Oh maaan! I wish these photoshopped images were real! It’s pretty insane to the difference, but also kind of a good thing to know that everyone, even if you have private trainer and...

No one ever slammed a supermodel for using Photoshop. But what about this thing that Miranda Kerr just did. Miranda Kerr, Victoria Secret Fashion, Victorias Secret Models, Photoshop Fail, Celebrities Before And After, No One Is Perfect, Small Waist, Body Image, Real Women

Victoria's Secret model tweeted a photo of herself a year ago, then tweeted the same photo this year, forgetting that she had photoshopped herself skinnier in the old one.

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14 Extreme Before and After Airbrushed Celebrity Pictures

You're likely already aware that most celebrity photos in magazines and ads have been Photoshopped but these 14 airbrushed celebrity pictures tell all!

<b>Britney Spears</b><br> Singer Britney Spears seems to be a favourite of the Photoshop wizards. In these before and after shots, Spears looks like she& been tightened and toned and had her tummy totally trimmed. Johnny Depp, Before And After Photoshop, Celebrities Before And After, Slim Thighs, Look Thinner, No Photoshop, Photoshop Tutorial, Without Makeup, Perfect Body

Brittney Spears, another important person in the music industry. This is a picture of how her picture was manipulated. On the left is her realistic body. She looks thin, but apparently not thin enough. Why is it necessary to make her thinner? On the right she is made slimmer and smoother. Her face is thinned out. But why is it that she cannot be shown as she really is?