Fruit photography

an apple sitting on top of a book with water droplets all over it's surface
Still Life
Black & White Color Splash Photography #black & #white ✿ #colorsplash
a bunch of tomatoes in a paper bag on a wooden table by jovo studio for stocks
"Cherry Tomatoes On A Wooden Table" by Stocksy Contributor "Davide Illini"
an apple is splashing into a glass filled with water and lime juice on a black background
1748jc_L11_0001_MF_CROP.tif | Still Life Photography | Timothy Hogan
three glasses filled with different types of drinks and splashing water into them on a white surface
Dynamic Glass Shot with Splashes: Workshop #49 Photigy School Of Photography
a red drink is splashing into the water with leaves around it and sprinkles
DreamArt Photography - Luxury Hotel Photographers
a glass filled with ice and lime slices
two wicker baskets filled with blueberries sit on the ground next to some bushes
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