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Inspiration Splash: Elevate Your Creativity with Paint Inspiration
Immerse yourself in a splash of inspiration. Explore the transformative power of paint inspiration, turning ordinary moments into artistic wonders.
Easy watercolor flower tutorial
You can use these simple steps to make all kinds of flowers Here is an elaborated version of the steps 1. Decide how many petals your flower needs, then make a few dots ( half the amount of petals total) leaving space in between the dots (you will be making more) 2. Use water or a contrasting color to pull the dots into the petal shape you desire. Let those petals dry COMPLETELY 3 . Once dry, repeat steps 1&2 , placing the dots in the space between the petals you just made Try it out and see how many different flowers you can make with these steps and be sure to save this for later or share it with your art loving friends! #watercolorflowers #watercolorflorals #watercolorart • #watercolorpainting #flowerwatercolor #botanicalwatercolor #watercolorbouquet • #watercolorweddi
Floral Fantasy: Blooming Beauties for Your Junk Journal
Bring the beauty of nature into your junk journal with exquisite floral embellishments! From delicate roses to vibrant sunflowers, explore a garden of possibilities to adorn your pages. Let these charming blooms add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your journaling creations. Dive into a world where every petal tells a story and every flower inspires your imagination! Credits to owner