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a close up of a pie in a pan with the words moroccan lamb pie with flaky pastry
Moroccan lamb pie with apricots
a table topped with plates of food next to bowls of salad and utensils
Egyptian filo pie with chopped salad recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
This traditional meat pie is known as ‘goulash’ in Egypt – but is very different from the Hungarian stew!
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a meat pie with black sesame seeds on top
Steak And Onion Pie
Steak And Onion Pie - The Scranline: Impressive desserts to quick and simple dinner ideas!
some food that is cut in half on a cutting board and ready to be eaten
Curry Chicken Puffs
Curry Chicken Puffs – Cringey Kitchen
a pie sitting on top of a blue cloth covered table next to a glass dish
Impossible Salmon Pie Recipe - Food.com
Easy salmon pie that separates in the cooking to make a base. Can be stored in freezer for two weeks.
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four fried chicken pies on a wooden plate with parsley and parsley garnish
Curried chicken pies
three pastries sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Beef Pasties Recipe - Cook it Real Good
Delicious beef pasties made with savoury mince and light, golden puff pastry are a dinner the whole family will love. These pasties are bursting with flavour and are quick and easy to prepare. They freeze well, so you can make a big batch and reheat on busy nights. The best pasties you'll try!
two pastries with meat and cheese are on wax paper next to a small bowl of sauce
Puff Pastry Ham and Cheese Turnovers
These quick ham and cheese turnovers are made with puff pastry and taste like an elevated version of a hot ham and cheese sandwich! Filled with ham, sharp aged cheddar cheese, and dijon mustard, these savory turnovers are perfect for a snack, appetizer, or meal. Biting into one of these ham and cheese puff pastry pockets is such a treat! A hot ham and cheese sandwich, but WAY better. These savory turnovers are filled with thinly sliced Virginia ham, sharp aged cheddar cheese, and dij…
four pieces of bread sitting on top of a piece of wax paper with burnt edges
Chicken curry pasties
Chicken curry pasties
a pie sitting on top of a wooden table next to a fork and spoons
French Chicken And Mushroom Pie (Tourte)
French Chicken And Mushroom Pie (Tourte) (25)
several pastries sitting on top of a white counter
Rick Stein' Cornwall: Cornish Pasty Recipe - Rick Stein
a slice of quiche on a plate with the rest of the pie in the background
Savory Irish Potato Pie Recipe (VIDEO) - A Spicy Perspective
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