студия вокала

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several bags are stacked on top of each other with cords attached to the bottom one
Use a door hanging shoe holder for a super easy way to store and organize your XLR and 1/4' cables when they're not being used on stage. No more tangled up mess of cables.
the room is being built and ready to be used as a storage unit for tools
an office cubicle with a red chair and brick wall in the background, next to a computer desk
Photo Gallery — VocalBooth.com
a room with several electronic equipment on the floor
the room is being built and ready to be used
a woman sitting in an office chair with her back to the camera
a room with a desk, computer and chair in it's back drop off area
an outdoor shower with no doors on the outside and side walls, is shown in grey
a room with an orange door and white couch
WhisperRoom, Inc.™ | Sound Isolation Enclosures
Tony Tang Productions MDL 4848 S (4' x 4')
an empty room with a microphone in the corner