Postage Stamp Art Ideas

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a happy birthday card with stamps on it
Postage stamps by SophieLaFontaine - Cards and Paper Crafts at Splitcoaststampers
four christmas stamps with red string attached to them
Gift Wrap Ideas # 4: Vintage Stamps
a close up of a purse with stamps on it hanging from a metal hook in front of a wall
Glass ornament decoupaged with cancelled postage stamps.
several different types of luggage tags are arranged on a wooden surface, including one with an image of a woman
Rolodex art-card exchange photos
four tags with birds on them sitting on a wooden surface
Rolodex art-card exchange photos
Rolodex art-card exchange photos - Margarete Miller
a drawing of a woman in a dress made out of postage stamps with the word love on it
Just For Fun ~ The Poetry Of Dress By R. Herrick
Just For Fun ~ The Poetry Of Dress By R. Herrick (140 pieces)
several license plates are arranged on a wooden surface with the words special written in black
Rolodex art-card exchange photos
an envelope with stamps on it sitting on a brown cloth covered tablecloth that reads, rosemary huttnacch, post office boy and lappahn california
lovely vintage stamp combo
a heart made up of many different pictures
Heart - Postage Stamps Art
Heart - Postage Stamps Collage
some different stamps are arranged in the shape of a pyramid
Vintage (UK) postage stamps. A Christmas Tree. x
the stamps are all different colors and shapes
Retro Montage Postage Stamp Greeting Card Great card idea for those stamp collectors or just anyone interested in British history! We love collecting stamps and have been making jewellery and cufflinks from them for a while, so we were thrilled to be launching these cards! Each card shows an image of 36 different British stamps with various monarchs, dates and beautiful colours!
a collage of coffee cups made out of postage stamps on a white paper background