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Luminaire design : PH5 & PH50...

PH Targetti Poulsen pastell - Google-søk

PH 5 pendant, rosa/army green The colors give this fixture a completely new life.

The Ercole fixture from Targetti brings a pop of color to a normal pendent light

Proudly Representing Targetti and DuraLamp Brands

PH Artichoke di Poul Henningsen per Targetti

The Danish design house Louis Poulsen designed this well known lamp 50 years ago. This version is the anniversary piece made of gold.

Funky Suspension | Targetti

Targetti has been designing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural light fixtures since Architectural lighting and Lighting design.

Sherazade by Targetti (www.targetti.it)

The essence of Targetti products is the function, their appearance is the result of a deep aesthetic sensitivity. A prime example? SHERAZADE by Targetti, a t.