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Micro BB Crossbow

Micro BB Crossbow

Micro BB Crossbow

Annie Leibovitz's Image Gallery of Disney Dream Portraits - Celebrities as Disney Characters - Doctor Disney

The Ultimate Walt Disney World Guide

New Guy's Stuff

Hey guys, Ive been lurking here for a few weeks and figured maybe I should introduce myself and show some of my work. My name is Cam and I took up leatherworking as a hobby almost 2 years ago. I got into traditional archery, making longbows, and decided that making archery accessories was the nex...

Archeress Dress - medieval dress renaissance clothing

The Archeress Set

Flax linen dress, corset and chemise set "Archeress" Archeress Dress: Slim fit bodice of the tunic emphasizes breast and waist The wide skirt has four additional gussets drapes with soft pleats. All this combines into well-known medieval silhouette of the XIII-XIV centuries. The skirt is hemmed with the trim as well as sleeves and neckline. Also the trim is used to decorate the lacing fastening at the fore part of a gown. Dress is approximately 58" long. Archeress Chemise: Chemise is made of…

Edo Archery: 19th century archery set

Edo Archery: 19th century archery set

Fe Doro - Manchu archery: Su Yuanchun was one of the last great warrior Manchus, distinguished himself in the field, moving from soldier to general. He commanded a force against the technologically advantaged French at the battle of Zhennan Pass, which was won by the Chinese side.

Photographs of Manchu and Chinese archers | Fe Doro

Wilayah Persekutuan Archery: Archery Technique Tips - part 1

Archery Technique Tips - part 1

Archery Technique Tips - part 1 Stance A and stance B which one you prefer? Choose one. Hooking the bow string. Hooking is not grabbing the string. Sign of grabbing is arrow pinching will occur. How to hold the bow. Angle must be correct. The body posture 'T'. The elbow slightly raise. The hand lock under the chin. The correct posture. No leaning. Sight pin should look this way. The most important part the release. Release the string by relaxing the finger and follow by pulling the hand back…

crossbow plans - Google Search

crossbow plans - Google Search

#Kyudo the Japanese art of archery.

Kyudo! - Honolulu Magazine

Hawaii Kyudo Kai's members hone their skills every Sunday.

Elven Quiver-Style 1 More

Ravenswood Leather Clothing for Renaissance Garb, Cosplay Costumes and Daily Fashion

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Exercise Plans for Archery Athletes - Ace Archers

Exercise is a great way to both become a better archer and an overall healthier person. However, first we each must begin where we feel most comfortable

Caribow - amazing product! silver fox longbow

Handmade Longbows | Cari-bow

Cari-bow handmade longbows have taken many 3D gold medals and trophy animals. Two or three piece takedown system. 204-822-3886. Near Winnipeg.



Custom Flemish-Twisted Bow String!    Specs:  Material: B-50 Dacron  Strands: 14  Color: Black    Included in this package is a fully

Custom Flemish-Twisted Bow String - Perfect for Longbow or Recurve - B50 Dacron

Custom Flemish-Twisted Bow String! Material: B-55 Dacron Strands: 14 Color: Black Included in this package is a fully functional bow string! This string is perfect for your longbow, recurve or horsebow! Our strings are actual length bow strings. To find out what size bow string you need, measure your bow from string groove to string groove following any curvature of the bow and then subtract 4”. We recommend 58” bow strings for our 64” bows and 66” bow strings for our 71” bows.