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fyeahanatomy: “ Persian Anatomical Study From Corbis Images. (Via: Morbid anatomy) ” Anatomy Art, Human Anatomy, Vanitas, Pseudo Science, Vintage Medical, Medical History, Medical Art, Natural History, Illustration Art

Illustrated Anatomy

fyeahanatomy: “ 19th-Century Persian Anatomical Study From Corbis Images. (Via: Morbid anatomy) ”

Anonymous anatomical illustration of a Persian. - Anonymous anatomical illustration of a Persian woman, circa mid Medical Student, Medical Art, Medical History, Anatomy Drawing, Anatomy Art, Human Anatomy, Medical Drawings, Medical Illustrations, Medical Anatomy

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This article is written in memory and honour of my grandfather Siavash Rastani who passed away on September 4th 2010. Introduction The ancient world contained only a few countries that had any form of knowledge of medicine and science, the main were Egypt, Greece China, India and Rome. Iran had for its time a through …

It’s quite baffling that Ibn Sina was a Muslim sage who was the father of modern medicine. He started this grand branch of knowledge whereas the Muslims of the present era even after his decease the Muslim world lost the courage to learn. Persian Culture, Famous Words, Islamic World, Health Advice, Good To Know, Muslim, Philosophy, Psychology, Physical Therapy

Ibnu Sina, The Father of Modern Medicine. Iranian physician

Alī Sīnā (ابوعلی سینا، پورسینا Ibn Sīnā) commonly known in English by his Latinized name Avicenna was a Persian polymath and the foremost physician and philosopher of his time. He is buried in Hamedan, Iran. Cyrus The Great, Persian Pattern, Persian Culture, Instagram Design, Alexander The Great, Ancient Civilizations, Eastern Europe, Iran, Egypt

Hamadan - Ekbatana -هگمتانه

Hamadan (or Hamedan) is known as "Older Than History," one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in the world is located about 290 km (180 mi)...

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Found in Translation :: NYT - ICON: An illuminated 15th-century manuscript showing the philosopher-physician Ibn Sina, also called Avicenna, visiting a pharmacy. Avicenna (981-1037) lived most of his life in what is now Iran, where he wrote his million-word medical encyclopedia, al-Qanun, or the Canon.

Title: Physician's Cupping Glass or Alembic. Date: century. Geography: Attributed to Iran, Nishapur. Excavated in Iran, Nishapur. Stained Glass Angel, Stained Glass Windows, Wine Bottle Wall, Wine Bottles, Glass Art Pictures, Ancient Persian, Vintage Medical, Roman Art, Glass Figurines

Physician's Cupping Glass or Alembic | The Met

Title: Physician's Cupping Glass or Alembic. Date: 9th–11th century. Geography: Attributed to Iran, Nishapur. Excavated in Iran, Nishapur. Medium: Glass, ...

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