Stine Frimann
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Here's how to organize kid's school papers & memorabilia. I know this is a challenging area of paper clutter, but I'll walk you step by step how to organize it.

20 gorgeous kid art projects that are pretty enough to frame! Fun, easy ideas for crafting with kids.

Don’t these DIY sharpie coasters look super artsy? With sharpie pens of different colors, rubbing alcohol, clear acrylic sealer spray, marble coaster and self stick felt circles, you can make these beautiful sharpie coasters!

Painting on foil is a simple process art idea for kids. Inspired by Van Gogh's Starry night this activity works on fine motor skills and colour mixing for toddler and preschoolers.

This activity works on fine motor skills and color mixing. I feel this would be able to work this into a theme that dealt with winter. I would ask the Toddlers to create different snowflakes or different things they may see during winter time