Superfront fronts, handles and legs for high-design Ikea hacks

High-Design Ikea Hacks Have Arrived

I love the idea of using simple Ikea pieces as blank canvases for customization. Would you splurge on these additions for your Ikea furniture? fronts, handles and legs for high-design Ikea hacks

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9 Co's That Wouldn't Exists Without IKEA. Superfront If you’re looking to make your affordable IKEA items look like something out of a high-end design store, look no further than Superfront. This Swedish co has got you covered with a plethora of modern, interesting and sleek designs that range from simple and singularly colored to patterned and intriguing. Superfront uses a variety of materials including brass, copper, birch, and leather, and will customize everything. More

9 Companies That Wouldn’t Exist Without IKEA


This little vanity is deep and 60 cm high. Perfect for the small bathroom! It's built - superfrontdotcom


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