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a woman holding a bible in her hands with the words how to humble yourself before god
How to Humble Yourself Before God: 4 Amazing Ways
How to Humble Yourself Before God: 3 Amazing Ways
two hands cupping water with the words how to show jesus the glory he deserves every day
How to Show Jesus the Glory He Deserves Every Day - CMB
the names of god are shown in this image, and there is also a description for each
the names of God from the old testament
a cheetah with the words 4 d's the devil uses against a christian who is not vigilant
4 D's the devil uses against a Christian who is not vigilant - Diana's Diaries
We have a mutual predator waiting stealthily in the dark ready to pounce on the weakest link in our life. This enemy is lurking near our family, our children, our most cherished when we are not vigilant, and when we are the most tired. It is ready to pounce and grab knowing we are not alert anymore.Here are 4 D's the Devil tries to use against a child of God. Be ware and Be vigilant my friends! love,Diana
a woman with her arms crossed and the words how to listen to god instead of your feelings
How to Trust God When Your Feelings Are Lying to You
a woman sitting on a bench with the words how to deal with difficult people in a biblical
How do you Deal with Difficult People?