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tir-ri: “ Ember, the peculiar little rooster and his flock of fancy ladies. Just got back home yesterday from San Jose CA and Fanime which was a very nice experience for my first con in the US.

Clip Art Vector of a Digital Set of Rooster Outlines

Royalty free vector agriculture clip art of a digital set of rooster outlines. This rooster stock agriculture image was designed and digitally rendered by dero.


'Rooster and Hen' I just thought that this is a beautiful quaint painting of a Rooster and his Pullets or Hens!

Itô Jakuchû (Japanese, 1716–1800) | Hen and Rooster with Grapevine, Edo period (1615–1868), 1792, Hanging scroll; ink and colour on silk. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

伊藤若沖筆 葡萄双鶏図 Hen and Rooster with Grapevine Artist: Itō Jakuchū (Japanese, Period: Edo period

Bella pintura

Ink, Mixed Media & So like the Chinese story of the artist who whipped out a rooster painting in a minute, and then he showed his clients the stacks and stacks of practice paintings.