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a bathroom with marble counter tops and white towels on the shelf next to each other
#JoshuaTreeCustomBuild - THELIFESTYLEDCO Shop
#JoshuaTreeCustomBuild — THELIFESTYLEDCO Shop
a white tiled bathroom with a wooden stool and shower head
shower floor tiles: elevate your design from functional to luxe
a bathroom with a large tub and checkered rugs on the floor next to it
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Shop our Influencers' top picks on Amazon
a bathtub with candles and flowers in the corner, next to a candle holder
the floor is being laid out with different types of tiles on it and instructions for how to install them
the shower head is gold in color, and it's tiled walls are white
a walk in shower sitting next to a white tiled wall and floor with gold fixtures
girls shower
ledge instead of niche
a bath tub with a gold faucet next to a brick wall and floor
Riad Tile on Instagram: "Our 2x6 Natural White Zellige is finally back in stock!!!⁠ Love the arch and @wtrwrks fixtures with our 2x6 Natural White Zellige tile. Great work @enchantedberkeley. ⁠ Make sure to read her story below of this bathroom and how it came to be. ⁠ ⁠ Repost from @enchantedberkeley⁠ Trusting your gut: one of the biggest things I’ve learned in design. With this shower, I was told not to do an arch, that the zellige was too thick and too difficult. I was told to put marble tile around the outside edge of the arch, and every step I had to push back and say “this is how I want it. please do it this way,” which is incredibly scary for someone doing this for the first time. It helped to do my research and know that all of these things in my head could be done. But half the ti
a bathroom with a walk in shower next to a wooden bench and potted plant