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Handy tips when you visit Bali

Tips for visiting Bali, Indonesia Travel tips

Reminds me of the message in the movie about time. "Tim: And in the end I think I've learned the final lesson from my travels in time; and I've even gone one step further than my father did: The truth is I now don't travel back at all, not even for the day, I just try to live every day as if I've deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life."

life is short

Online yoga classes with the best teachers. Request invite.

Workout Tips : – Image : – Description Online yoga classes with the best teachers.

Have the best sex of your life, try these 10 yoga poses for more spice in bed! #sexy #yoga #valentinesday #findyouryoga

Happy Heart Day Have the best sex of your life, try these 10 yoga poses for more spice in bed! The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2008 reported that women who practiced yoga had more desire to have sex and experienced better orgasms.

24 Delicious Breakfast Bowls That Will Warm You Up

Warm Breakfast Bowls for the Fall

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Talk less , listen more , exercise, fitness, health,

All of the above and don't forget a good daily belly chuckle! Or the BUTT IMPLANTS.

Did this workout and I was sore as hell the next day wow. I really recommend this for the ladies who want that booty . I did see a difference with my butt, amazing.

Plump glutes circuit or booty workout

July_Squat_Challenge_300.jpeg 847×1,201 pixels

30 day squat challenge - A little less squats per day in this particular 'challenge' , but the general idea is the same- increase the # a little every day.and make sure to take rest days.

Cus I'm love with these tumblr girls with skinny waists and bad habits, she thinks that she's the baddest.

g-eazy livin eaaassyyy