Coma - A Puma parody by ~Kali-Yugadi on deviantART

Just a parody of the famous Puma brand logo, no offense meant to anybody. I own a pair of Pumas myself, they are amazing shoes. This is not for commerci. Coma - A Puma parody

Hell logo by ~Urbinator17 on deviantART

Hell logo Shell parody logo © Shell S.

Best Buy

Graphic Design Logo - 10 Funny and Interesting Versions of Corporate Logos!

American idiot logo by ~Urbinator17 on deviantART

American idiot logo by on deviantART


As Stephen Elop announced that Nokia also has an eye on Android. Nokia has not been trimmed on Windows Phone, Nokia Android smartphones could be possible


30 Brilliant Logo Parodies that say the Real Meaning of Famous Brands