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Easy vanilla ice cream

Although the summer is almost over, I cannot end it without sharing this super easy ice cream recipe. To make it different each time I add a few drops of lemon oil or orange, or if it is just for t…

Coconut and chocolate cream raw cake

I have never made a raw cake in my life…well, until now…I found this recipe in a “Bake” magazine and it looked so appealing that I said, well, let’s try it. The fact t…

Pavlova with berries

This dessert is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, because, it is said, it was created in her honour. Although I have my doubts that she was actually eating dessert (even if it named a…

Mango salsa

This is the easiest thing I have done, by far. It consists only in chopping stuff (great therapy, by the way – not like kneading bread, but very close) and mixing them together.

Meat pie

I love meat pies. I think they are easy to make, comforting when eaten and the smell is absolutely divine. This is my “to go” recipe when I feel the need for comfort food, because I fin…


I love macarons. I tried so many times to make them and I was not very successful – i got something but they were so far from what they were supposed to be that I could not even call them fai…

Homemade fudge

I love, love, love this fudge! It is addictive and although it contains lots and lots of sugar, it is just irresistible. It keeps really well in an airtight container and it is a great “go-to…

Fish soup

I am on a mission to have my family eat fish 3 times per week. Since I am not exactly an expert in how to prepare fish and there is no time to spend during the week to do it (i have to get somethin…

Rustic cheesecake

I add it to salad, potato chips, stew and whatever I think it can be “enriched” by the added cheese (:) – yeah, I know, it is just an e…

Speedy pasta

I always end up questioning the same thing when I reach mid-week: what should I make for dinner? Most of the time I end up starring at the huge amount of stuff laying on the store’s shelves.


I used to buy jars of pesto thinking that might be a fuss doing it myself. I was buying the same brand and was used to its taste, until one day when I did not find the usual so I got another one …


According to the French-English dictionary, éclair means lightning/flash of lighting. The question is if they were named éclairs because one can eat them with the speed of light or because their be…

Baked mini doughnuts

I am a big kitchen gadgets buyer – among the things that I buy quite often are trays. I guess this shows its face especially when I buy special trays – like the ones for macarons (which…

Sweet chicken clubs

What to do when you have two trays of chicken clubs and not much time to spare nor inspiration? Throw them in the oven with some condiments and cross your fingers that the outcome is not boring.

Warm potato salad

This warm potato salad can be used as a side dish for grilled meat or by itself when in the mood for a meatless light dinner.