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a pink wallpaper with flowers and butterflies on it
Pink flowers
a blue background with colorful flowers and birds on it's side, all over
Scuba print
a white background with red, yellow and pink flowers on the bottom half of it
an image of flowers and leaves on a white background that looks like it has been painted
Textile design by William Kilburn
Textile Design, by William Kilburn
an orange and blue flower pattern on white fabric
a white background with blue, yellow and pink flowers
watercolor flowers on a white background with blue, pink and green leaves in the foreground
four different colored papers with dots and lines on them, each containing an abstract pattern
J’adore Paris!
“J’adore Paris!” is a surface pattern design collection dedicated especially to children textile. It has a french touch as a bit of elegance. Croissants, coffee, perfume and macarons smells like Paris, don’t they? Collection contains patterns for girls and boys with different color palettes and details.
a pink wallpaper with swans and hearts on the bottom, in pastel colors
Ewa Brzozowska - Surface Pattern Designer
Swan Lake - soft surface pattern design for girls with the motifs of swans and little ballet dancers.
a flock of white swans floating on top of a pink background with yellow beaks
Eveline Tarunadjaja - Swans • • pinterest: @mermaidgrime
birds and flowers on a green background with blueberries, raspberries, and other berries
Susan Winget Premium Quilt Print-Botanical Meadow Song Birds & Premium Quilting Fabric at