fair isle

Aftur en Supersoft ~ more inspiring colour combos and patterning ~ seed stitch neckline.

Sif Icelandic Sweater Handmade with 100% by IcelandicKnitsbyAnna. I'd probably make one in something soft like an alpaca/merino blend. I love the gold and silver together.

Sif Icelandic sweater - saffron, of course! By Anna Gudbjörg Cowden, she is perfect at knitting!

Rebekka Gudleifs makes very beautiful handmade Icelandic wool sweaters. I wish I have one but (1) I can't use it here, and (2) THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE.

Icelandic wool sweater designed and knit by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir -- I love the way the colours in the stranded section fade into the natural white wool

maria carlander: Lykkes tröja och min klänning

If you have a passion for arts and crafts you actually will really like this cool site!

Tekannesnakk Free pattern. Pattern is in Norwegian, but should be easy enough to translate. Includes charts.

Choose from twelve fabulous and gorgeous Icelandic Sweater Patterns. I fell in love with these Lopapeysa on my trip to Iceland.