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My Think Big Life

Transform your body, mind & spirit! These are my favorite posts on personal growth, fitness, skin care, nutrition, and health.
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Here’s a secret to have an amazing life. Be the best you. By being the best YOU that you can be, will make everything better: your health, your relationships, and how you feel about your life. I believe every woman needs to discover her zest for life. You will not only feel better, but you will also do better!
Most people think it takes a ton of time and effort to get things done or make big changes. That is a myth that keeps people from doing ANYTHING sometimes. Seriously, these easy steps will teach you how to get things done and get unstuck!
At 59, I have a lot of experience with life in my fifties. Here’s how to have a happy life after 50 by changing how you think and letting that guide how you live your life.

Personal Growth

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Much of what you've been told about exercise and weight loss is not true. While exercise is important to your overall health, it's not as tied to weight loss as you might think.
All the amazing benefits of bike riding will surprise you. While riding a bike does provide some fitness benefits, it actually teaches you about life too! Here are 10 unexpected benefits of bike riding.
Exercising at home is convenient, effective, and eliminates excuses! You can get in shape and improve your health by doing your workouts from home! It’s time to get fit without a gym.

Fitness and Exercise

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Do you have something that you need to do but you just don’t have the energy or motivation to get started? Here’s an easy process that will teach you how to get things done when you don’t feel like it.
Here are laundry and storage tips to make your clothes last longer and keep them looking like new!
Save Time and Money by cleaning your closet.

Productivity and Organization

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Sometimes you just don't feel like celebrating during the holidays but you feel the pressure to get together with family. Here is how to take a closer look at your feelings and make the decisions that are best for you
Being stressed is linked to anxiety, sleep problems, weight gain, lack of motivation, pain, and other issues. While it may feel impossible to not be stressed, it is possible and I want to give you some hope and relief. Here are 10 ways to reduce stress naturally that work!
Could you use some help in your life? Here is the difference between life coaching and therapy and how to know which is best for you.

Self Care

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Uncover your true calling and find your own path in life. Choosing your own path in life is an amazing process if you are open to taking steps towards it.
Do you have something that you need to do but you just don’t have the energy or motivation to get started? Here’s an easy process that will teach you how to get things done when you don’t feel like it.
Do you run away from goals because they seem too hard, you think they will take too long, or you just aren’t sure you can do it? Our life, in the deepest sense, depends on being able to set and achieve goals. Here’s how to achieve big goals with small steps.

Get Unstuck

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If you’ve been scrolling on Pinterest, looking for a way to lose weight after 50, then this post may get you started. If you have been having trouble losing weight despite your best efforts, then you may need to learn how to convince your body to lose weight.
Do you still overeat even though you've tried every diet there is? It's time to quit dieting and start making gradual changes that work. Here is how to stop overeating that my clients use that work. I work with women over fifty who want to stop overeating. #loseweightafter50 #howtoloseweightafter50 #weightlossandnutrition
Over the years your relationship with food may have become scary, confusing, and hopeless. Don't despair! Instead, here are 10 ways to make peace with food. #intuitive eating

Nutrition, Weight loss, and Food

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Are you scared to start a blog? Here are 10 common fears and 10 reasons to stop being afraid to start a blog. Blogging is an amazing adventure and I'd hate for you to miss out because you are scared to start a blog.
Blogging is a super effective way to improve your life and learn tons of new marketable skills! Here are 10 reasons to start your blog TODAY!
It may be easy to start a blog, but blogging takes focused hard work and never-ending learning. Because you have to do so much work BEFORE you see any proof you are going to be successful, it’s tempting to want to quit.  If you are thinking about quitting, here are 10 questions to ask yourself before you quit blogging.

Blogging, Bloggers, and Blogs

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Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful skin. I’ll show you how to have great skin at any age!
Look Good Feel Good: How to Look Great All the Time - My Think Big Life
Have you ever wondered how to feel absolutely beautiful? Combine a beautiful inside with some effort on the outside and you will soon look and feel beautiful yourself. #beauty, #realbeauty, #feelbeatiful, #howtofeelbeautiful

Beauty, Skin Care, Natural Solutions

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Being and active and involved grandparent has many health benefits, including living longer. Positive connections don't just feel good; they are good for us! Read on to find out how you can improve your health with grandparenting.
Here’s a secret to be an amazing grandparent. Be the best you, to be the best grandparent. The more you put into your relationship with yourself; the better relationship you’ll have with your grandchildren, or anyone else for that matter.
Having your grandchildren over is an amazing experience for all of you. Here’s how to help your grandchildren feel at home when they visit.Almost every time I see my grandchildren, they ask “When can we come to your house?” And their parents love that they will be so well taken care of!


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