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In feng shui, black color belongs to the element of Water, direction North. Being a Water element color, black can be a powerful feng shui cure to use in the North area of your space to attract career opportunities.

Anderledes meny

Took all feedback on previous version and created this one. Main concept is when you tap that very below circle, then wheel nav come and it will have 6 menu with sub menu. Feedback is always welcom.

Fin måte å visualisere "onboarding"-steg

R: Great transparent boxes and font, interesting transparent background. Pro: icons, in particular text boxes. Gradient also works very well to create order/flow. Free cross-platform UI kit for Photoshop and Sketch

Fin animasjon

(Example of infographic animation) Very cool animated graph concept from talented designer on Dribbble.

Kul måte å bla mellom moduler/innhold. Horisontal meny øverst. (som et hjul)

VitPilot is a health/wellness monitoring app that allows users to track their stats, monitor, and record their activities.This app allows you to monitor your daily statistics. See important information about your health and know which area you need to i…