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a hand reaching for a colorful object on the floor
Ramping up the Connetix fun!
Reverse Ramp Design with Connetix Magnetic Tiles!
two handmade wooden airplanes on sticks in front of a white wall with one being held by the other
60+ Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids And Adults
a model train set in the middle of a field with cars and buildings on it
40 Incredible Examples Of Cardboard City Art - Bored Art
a lego photo hanging on a clothes line with a wooden fence in the back ground
Easy DIY Lego DIY Zipline Activity for Kids
an arch made out of cardboard and string lights
Easy-Peasy DIY Castle Entrance
A race track made out of toilet paper tubes is the perfect crash course in Physics!
a person is laying on the floor with a colorful object in front of them that looks like a boat
Magnetic Tile Ramps
a white desk with drawers and shelves filled with various items on it's sides
BYGGLEK - de ideale combi van LEGO en IKEA [en andere toffe opberg ideeën]
the instructions to make a string art heart
Heart-shaped Beginner String Art Kids Craft {Reality Daydream}
Busy Board - For Kids with Love 🤍
Mom makes a cardboard slide for her daughters.
an open box with the letter f in it
Practice writting letters
a baby in a box with writing on it and the caption reads, coloring box - can't believe i've never thought of this
Have to do with Nathan
a person's hand holding five white cat finger puppets
Finger puppets
Finger puppets by Pikssik
a child's play area with toys and potted plants on the top shelf
DIY Tree House for Small World Play - Little Lifelong Learners
Read how we made our DIY tree house for small world play featuring DIY fairy furniture, fences, trees, bridges and ladders! Perfect for Waldorf, Reggio inspired play using chopping boards and cutting boards from Kmart and IKEA. Play hacks for children!
two small children are playing with some water bottles on a post while another child is holding onto the pole
Strap or tape bubble wands to a post for no more messes
the letters are made out of fabric and some type of sewing material, including scissors
20 Adorably Creative Upcycling Projects To Repurpose Old Baby Clothes
Plush Alphabet - 20 Adorably Creative Upcycling Projects To Repurpose Old Baby Clothes