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Wood Profits - Corner shelves - DIY projects to beautify your awkward corner Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!

Met beton

Fill the balloon with water . This image illustrates why you don't completely fill the balloon you should always leave some room in the neck of the balloon, then as the form dries the pressure has somewhere to go and your clay wont split.

DIY Gossip Paisley Painted Gourd Chicken Instruction-DIY Gourd #Craft Projects

5 DIY Gourd Craft Projects Fall Home Decor: including the gourd painting gossip chicken, gourd drilling lanterns, Gourd-O-Lantern, birdhouses and more.

DIY Easter Eggs made with cement, latex paint, and water. Empty eggs are used as molds. Tutorial.

DIY Spring Eggs made with cement, leftover latex paint, and water. Empty eggs are used as molds.


Geoffrey the giraffe amigurumi pattern by IlDikko

Crochet Pretty Bunny Amigurumi in Dress Free Pattern

Bunnies are the most classic symbol for Easter. Here are some Free Amigurumi Bunny Crochet Patterns for you to make cute bunnies for decor or as gifts.

Амигуруми жираф с сердечком: схема и описание вязаной игрушки крючком. Уровень сложности - для начинающих. Автор схемы амигуруми - Цыденова Марина.

Hearty Giraffe amigurumi is a wonderful gift for any occasion! It gives a wide field to experiment with its variations. Get the amigurumi pattern for free!

WEBSTA @ onescrochet - One for baby Leia, one for baby Vincent :) @marcusthenander #bunny #kanin #teethingring #crochet #crochetlove #crochetaddict #crochetaddicted #diy #baby #momlife #bitring #amigurumi #amigurumiaddict #virka #virkning You're such an inspiration @vibemai

Amigurumi Long Eared Rabbit Crochet Bunny Baby Shower Gift Doll with Liberty Lawn clothes

12715389_558292691019416_42567205720204981_n.jpg (JPEG-bilde, 720 × 960 piksler)

(JPEG-bilde, 720 × 960 piksler) Concrete in nylons?

Ceramic Birds from

Final product from painting bird shapes made from concrete in balloons pulled into shape by tying string to both ends and securing on stake.