Stig-Roger Andersen

Stig-Roger Andersen

Stig-Roger Andersen
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Did Seiko Ever Make the Second, Much Cooler Final Fantasy Watch?

AK Genève's Warp HMS Automatic Watch.

Enter the new era of timekeeping with the Sinobi watch, add a splash of color to your style with this unique sinobi watch, no dials, no numbers, just a whirlpool of colour telling time with a different perspective.

Fonderie 47: A bracelet thatTransforms into a pair of Cufflinks

Fonderie 47 Transforming Cufflinks - Possibly the coolest men's jewelry ever made. The cufflinks can be linked together to make a men's bracelet. But more impressively, and as the name vaguely alludes to, these cufflinks are made from melted-down