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a white plate with the word comfort food written on it and a spoon in front of it
May 2012 – Page 2 – Make, Do and Spend
two people standing next to each other in front of confetti on the ground
an open book with pictures of flowers and buildings in the back ground, along with photos of cars parked on the street
Visual research — urban space of Krasnoyarsk
an advertisement for the ultimate baker's dozen is shown in white frosted letters
Baker's Dozen
Baker's Dozen Feature about holiday cookies for Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine. Art direction and layout.
an open book with images of people on roller coasters and other things in the background
Kurt Woerpel
Kurt Woerpel — Editorial Design
an image of different fruits and vegetables with words describing the names in each one's language
two pieces of paper with the words nice and joe on them sitting next to each other
Modern Typographical Unique Letterpress Wedding Invite | Fun Save the date card | Brooklyn Wedding
Unique modern typographical letterpress custom save the date card for an edgy wedding in Brooklyn.
an open book with the title pumpkin ice cream
Most Beautiful Cookbooks Full of Zest and Gusto - Design & Paper
an open book with black and white photos on it
New Book: Kape 24h by Bond — BP&O
New Book: Kape 24h by Bond — BP&O
Tremor | Papercut Novels, Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Hypnotic, Cole, Kinds Of Story, Black Authors, Book Recommendations, Faber
Tremor | Papercut
Tremor | Papercut
an image of a book cover with the title'imagieology'written on it
Spector Books
Spector Books
a red and white poster with many hands reaching out to each other in the center
Плакат «Руки не прочь
a woman in a red dress holding a piece of paper with the words desdewa,
Princess of Eboli