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Carte Blanche - You have the right to see it all

"I have few illusions: the cause is lost in advance. As for me, I do my part, which is to drag a fairly drab existence to its conclusion. "
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“Freedom and bondage I find interesting. Or purity—and a contrast to that purity.”

Lou Reed by Tim Nye

“I watched language falling apart.”

“A good part of our work is about giving materiality to things that aren't visible.”

“If I do something to a photograph, the viewer has an impulse to naturalize what happened, to correct the mistake.”

“A lot of times I end up turning on the camera on my computer and playing something out, and pausing it and seeing what tonal or emotional nuances are there that I can work with.”

“Mourning the Earth.”

"A kind of home museum, starting with the garage."

"I'm not trying to make post-Internet paintings. What the fuck is post-Internet? It's life."

“It felt like a thought. That's something.”