Ravelry: Missy C pattern by JennyPenny

Missy C pattern by JennyPenny

bear chart. BEAR CHART. i'm knitting a bear into every knitted thing i make.

Square bear chart for knitting. Could make a large blanket square, a blanket center, a pillow, or a bag. By Melanie Nordberg at WitchWolfWeb Creations.

Learn how to DIY the cutest knit hedgehog mittens for kids.

DIY Knit Hedgehog Mittens

These mittens are adorable! The cutest knit hedgehog mittens ever! For kids? I would love someone to knit ME a pair!

Kuvahaun tulos haulle night owl mittens free pattern

Pallas - its in finnish but if you know how to do stranded mitts shouldnt be a problem. Loving these wolf mittens.

Show everybody just how cold you think it really is with these mittens. I also highly recommend them for giving Old Man Winter a discreet middle finger without anyone being the wiser!

How Cold Is It? pattern by Drunk Girl Designs

Now here is a pair of mittens I could use! Ravelry: How Cold Is It? pattern by Drunk Girl Designs