Samira Angelica A.J.

Samira Angelica A.J.

Samira Angelica A.J.
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Jay Z and Biggie

We got our hands on this long list of some of the most rare and vintage Hip Hop photos you'll ever set your eyes on. From hanging with Bone Thugs to Jay-Z kicking it with Biggie. check out this epic photo album below!

This picture is confusing on so many levels. | 27 Rare Photos Of The Cast Of "Friends" Will Make You Wish It Was 1994 All Over Again

Where did the duck come from? What is Joey looking at? Why is Phoebe being so serious? Does Rachel know that’s a shower head? Monica seems to be the only one who knows what a camera is.

Ross & Rachel <3

I don't actually know why I love Ross and Rachel so much, but I just do. Everyone says Monica and Chandler are the best couple, but they're wrong, hands down, Ross and Rachel are the best.