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Salome Røsvik
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Gahhhh! I'm crying again! I miss Silverstream. When she died Graystripe got all sad and boring :0

Silverstream and Graystripe with their kits Featherkit and Stormkit. It was so sad when Silverstream died.

Firestar and Sandstorm with their kits Squirrelkit and Leafkit♥I love how Squirrelkit is acting! Ha ha ha ha!!!

the Leader's Family, Firestar (leader of Thunderclan), Sandstorm (warrior of Thunderclan and Firestar's mate), Squirrelkit (will be known as Squirrelflight) and Leafkit (will be known as Leafpool and will be Thunderclan medicine cat)

Wolf name: Striker Male Omega Wolf Joker/Never runs out of jokes power Traits from father: Small mouth and huge ears. Traits from mother: Jokes Mate: Angel Storm What Striker is like~ Funny, very jumpy, stays away from some alphas, always wants to play.

Luna is a dark gray an white she-wolf with dark blue eyes She loves watching the moon every night, She cherishes her time alone, She feels uncomfortable around others and doesn't really like talking.

Wolf Angel

Lightning Strike- Female- *open* Sweet but short-tempered. Mate- ThunderingWind Pup- None. Kin- Dark Blood and Falling Snow (Cool Art Dark)

Wolf-Link Chibi By: Franziloni.... OH MY GOD THE CUTENESS!!!!

wolf-link chibi<<<awww come here you may be brave but you're small and you might end up hurt. Don't worry we'll go find Midna together.even if it costs my live in sacrificing for you.