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a wooden bench sitting next to a swimming pool in the middle of a backyard area
an empty swimming pool with lounge chairs around it and a wooden deck in the foreground
Pool Ideas - INTEX for your recreational times
a man standing next to a swimming pool in a yard with grass and trees behind him
Do's and Don'ts of setting up and maintaining an Intex metal frame pool
an outdoor storage box sitting in the grass next to a white hose and some bushes
How to set up an Intex above ground pool setup review professionally
an empty pool with a ladder next to it and a trampoline in the background
Intex 24'x12'x52" Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool
Intex 24'x12'x52" Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool
Baronet, Swimming Pool Heaters
Best Affordable Backyard Pool - Intex 16x32x52 Pool
a baby in a pool with the words huge pool on it's back side
Setting up Intex 12 x 24 Pool - Complete!
an above ground swimming pool is shown with the cover pulled back to protect it from falling
Intex pool assembly. Tips
a man standing next to a swimming pool
Intex Rectangular Pool with Deck.wmv
an inflatable trampoline is being installed on top of the tarp
Make a Splash This Summer With These Above-Ground Pools
Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set Review: Easy Setup, Hours of Fun
an above ground pool being worked on
Pool Start To Finish
below: My husband felt that pool above was awful and so he consented to a new Intex Ultraframe 12'x24'x54" above ground pool to "try-out" pool ownership. Sounded great to me. And much cheaper with less commitment. So I ordered the below pool end of June 2012 from Wal-mart because they had the best deal and it was supposedly in stock for home delivery. But it didn't arrive and then it was said to be on back order but would be here 2nd week of July. It didn't arrive until