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an iphone screen with the text'i do 3'on it
an advertisement for make someone smile with the words give one away today and take one
Free Compliments - Take what you need! | Skip To My Lou
an arabic text in green and white
The Virtues and Benefits of Surah Yasin (36)
The Virtues and Benefits of Surah Yasin (36) | Best Surahs and rewards
a person holding up a school supply bag
Have you ever showed up to school one morning and the office aid walks down to your room with a new student? No notice, no prep, just “here…
a person holding up a school supply bag
Have you ever showed up to school one morning and the office aid walks down to your room with a new student? No notice, no prep, just “here…
a person holding up a school supply bag
Have you ever showed up to school one morning and the office aid walks down to your room with a new student? No notice, no prep, just “here…
a person holding up a sign in front of a room filled with balloons and confetti
These teachers are ending the school year in a way their students will never forget. ❤️ "Cue the tears for tomorrow . Had to copy one of my teacher besties, @hello3rdgrade when I saw her red carpet! Last day tomorrow, let’s do this!" - @my2ndgradelife
four buttons with the words voice level and number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 written on them
Voice Level Lights - Fits
Voice Level Lights
four different classroom cards with the words cut and pastel on them, including one for each
4 Classroom Time Savers {with FREE Direction Cards}
Are you tired of repeating yourself over and over? Grab these FREE direction cards, display them on your board as visual reminders, and you are set!
the third grade classroom tour poster is in front of a white bookcase with books on it
Third Grade Classroom Tour : Designed For Self-Directed Learning - Core Inspiration
This third grade classroom is an elementary teachers dream. Bright blues and green. Love the way the classroom uses flexible seating without the need to have special chairs and tables - uses the open space so efficiently. Students have access to their l
a paper cloud with words on it that say i can be a rainbow in someone else's cloud
Melissa Adams on Instagram: ““Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud”-Maya Angelou 🌈 This is one of my favorite quotes with such a powerful message. Students will be…”
a classroom with whiteboard, desks and chairs
55 Best Classroom Decoration Ideas for Teachers
51 Best Classroom Decoration Ideas - Chaylor & Mads
an old trunk with the words treasure box coupons for the classroom
Treasure Box Coupons For The Classroom - Primary Playground
Treasure Box Coupons For The Classroom #treasurebox #treasurechest #classreward #kindergarten #firstgrade #backtoschool #classroommanagement
a bulletin board with flowers on it and the words happiness is blooming within this room
Hi my name is Andriana and I'd like the lovely ladies of @happilyeverelementary to come decorate our staff lounge! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️😍😍😍 I meaaaan…
there is a blue cart with white baskets on it and a sign that says try the morning cart
Kelly Chapman on Instagram: “My mornings used to feel loud and chaotic as kids hustled around the room getting ready for the day. The introduction of a morning cart…”
a bulletin board with flowers and bees on it that says be amazing next to a microwave
Bee Amazing 3D Flower Bulletin Board
a door decorated with paper flowers and writing on the front, says every child is a different kind of flower, and all together makes world beautiful
Spring classroom door decorations. Paper flowers.
this is an image of a birthday cake made out of magnets on the wall
Bullettin boards
eğitimle ilgili değişik fikirler bulabileceğiniz eğlenceli bir blog. It is an enjoyable blog which you can find different ideas about education.
a bulletin board with flowers and words written on it that say garden of good manners
Garden of Good Manners
some sticky notes are hanging on a bulletin board with words written in different colors and shapes
#tcrwp hashtag on Twitter
#tcrwp hashtag on Twitter
a room with a white canopy and pillows
This item is unavailable | Etsy
toddler playroom
colorful stacking trays and chairs in a classroom
How to Implement Partially Flexible Seating - The Mountain Teacher
How to implement partially flexible seating in an elementary classroom. Flexible seating tips, tricks and survival guide for your classroom.
an image of a classroom setting with pictures on the wall and bookshelves in the middle
60 Gorgeous Classroom Design Ideas for Back to School - Matchness.com
60 Gorgeous Classroom Design Ideas for Back to School - Matchness.com
a poster with the words in english and an image of a boy pointing at something
95+ Synonyms for "Explain" with Examples | Another Word for “Explain” • 7ESL
EXPLAIN Synonym! 9 Synonyms for Explain in English - 7 E S L
the free printable home organization labels are great for kids to use in their homes
17 DIY Toy Storage Projects That You Can Do It Yourself
Do it yourself basically known as Diy is an amazing technique to use your skills and transform old things into new ones. In a house with kids, there cannot be any empty place where their stuffed toys are not present. For a working mother, it gets difficult to clean the house and keep their toys safe. There are tons of diy toy storage solutions that parents can adopt in order to keep their children toys safe and clean. Sometimes, storing toys can be quite a task, especially that time wh..
a hallway decorated with balloons and writing on the ceiling
Dr. Seuss hallway "oh the places you'll go" #Hallwayideas
a classroom decorated with camping theme and trees
Camping reading area
a woman holding up a sign that says we all have something within us that world needs
classroom decor
the 20 inspirational quotes you can print for your walls
20 Inspirational Quotes You Can Print for Your Walls for Free!
20 Inspirational Quotes You Can Print for Your Walls for Free! - Chicfetti
an office decorated with black and white checkered paper flowers, the words happiness is blooming within this room
We have a NEW FAVORITE 😆 This pretty little number decorates the outside of our old school’s volunteer/parent work room! The administration…
a colorful bulletin board with words and pictures on it that spell out the word centers
Setting Up For A Successful Year Of Daily 5 In Kindergarten - Differentiated Kindergarten
Kindergarten Milestones: Organizing My Kinders! Keep for possible reorganization of reading stations.
a bulletin board with red choices and green choices on the wall in front of it
Classroom Reveal and a FREEBIE
Classroom Reveal and a FREEBIE - Pocket of Preschool
a blue calendar hanging on a wall with the words my first calendar written below it
Making Progress: Our Homeschool Room
Take a peek at an organized preschool and elementary homeschool room with storage and school supplies from Oriental Trading Company!
a poster with the words more labels for everything written in multicolored letters on it
Free Cute Labels by stacy
four different colored labels with the words click here to edit text
Keeping My Kinders Busy
Perfect for labeling and organizing classrooms, offices, toys, kitchens and MORE. Edit the text to say what you want!
three posters with the words 3 ways to read in front of them on a wooden table
FREE Three Ways to Read a Book Posters - A Teachable Teacher
These are PERFECT for your classroom library or anywhere in your room! These reading posters remind the kids that there is more than one way to read a book. Kindergarten classroom first grade reading posters | free classroom posters printable teacher resources tpt freebie | ways to read a book | beginning readers struggling readers
a purple and white frame with the words, listen and do face the door fingers on lips
11 Fun and Simple Hallway Transitions for Kindergarten
5 Quick Hallway Transitions {Printable} - KindergartenWorks: 1,2,3,4
a bulletin board with colorful writing and pictures on the wall in front of it that says calendars
Teaching with My Classroom Calendar
Printable resources to create a beautiful classroom calendar
the question of the day is what are you wearing green?
Question of the Day
Question of the day in my preschool classroom. Tips and tricks to implement it in the classroom and WHAT students are learning. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten.
the name tags for children's transportation vehicles
Linda Post - The Teachers Post
3 page file with 30 name labels. Just type in your students' names to create your own labels for anything: cubbies, journals, homework folders, et...
a poster with the words do's and don'ts for teaching guided students
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This month’s Education Update feature, “Six Strategies for Challenging Gifted Learners,” reminds us that high-ability students have unique needs, too.
a bulletin board with some writing on it that says, why my students follow directions the first time
5 Quick Tricks for Getting Students to Follow Directions – Teacher Trap
You CAN get your students to follow directions the first time! Here are some simple and fast tricks for making sure your students will understand, remember, and follow your directions (the first time). #classroommanagement #followingdirections #classroommanagementstrategies #classroommanagementtools #teachingtips #elementary #kindergarten #firstgrade #secondgrade #thirdgrade #fourthgrade #fifthgrade #teachertrap
a bulletin board that has some sort of words on it with polka dots around it
[teach] Kindergarten Classroom Photo Tour
Love her whole site. Will be using some of her ideas for my classroom
a stack of black plastic bins sitting on top of a table next to a wall
Turn-In Trays
"Turn-In Trays" keep completed work organized! - Labels on TpT - Trays from Staples {Mrs. Heeren's Happenings}
classroom community poster with the words creating a positive classroom community on it and pictures of friends
How to Create a Positive Classroom Community
Building a positive classroom community helps create an environment where children feel welcomed and supported. These FREE friendship posters make a great classroom display while teaching your kindergarten or first grade students about friendly behaviors. #classroommanagement #friendship
three plastic containers filled with legos on top of a shelf next to each other
What's in Your Math Center?
Math Center Materials for Your Preschool, Pre-K, or Kindergarten Classroom via www.pre-kpages.com