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Crispy Slow Roast Pork Belly

8 reviews
3.5 hours

A hunk of slowly roasted pork belly served with a glorious pan gravy is my idea of food heaven!

Slow Cooker Pork Belly Recipe with Honey Balsamic Glaze

Slow Cooker Pork Belly with Honey Balsamic Glaze – Incredibly tender and infused with a sticky tangy glaze. The slow-Cooker really locks in the flavors, and the end result is a delicious, moi…

Oven Baked BBQ Pork Belly Slices

The Red Tractor Hamper Challenge: Oven Baked BBQ Pork Belly Slices

A cheap and cheerful way of serving pork belly slices/strips that won't break the bank and will appeal to all the family; these oven baked BBQ style pork strips are perfect for any mid-week family meal and as they are cooked in one dish, there is not much washing up either! Serve with baked potatoes and coleslaw for a tasty and easy meal.

Hokkien-Style Fried Pork Belly

Step into my cosy virtual kitchen where the irresistable home-cooked aroma waivers in the air welcoming those who are curious enough to take a peak, with heart warming food that nourishes the heart and soul

Thai Braised Pork Belly {Slow Cooked} - Tasty Ever After

4 reviews
1.5 hours

Tender pieces of pork are slow cooked in a flavorful sauce and served with jasmine rice and your favorite sauteed fresh veggies for an easy dinner. Leftovers make the best fried rice too!

Crispy Marmite Pork Belly 香脆妈蜜炸肉

These Crispy Marmite Pork Belly were deep fried twice to yield the crispy golden crust. By adding Marmite sparingly in the marinade, it helps to reduce the 'porky smell'. It's a great way to add a deep, rich savoury quality to the recipe.

Pork Belly With Salted Fish by May Chong

Ingredients 300g pork belly,sliced 50g salted fish,sliced 5 pcs dry chilli,sliced 15pcs ginger,sliced 1 pc onion,sliced Some spri...

Pork Belly with Chilies 辣椒炒肉

This is a quick oriental dish. The pork belly is paired with green and red chilies. It contains animal Protein from the pork and vitamin...

PORK BELLY STEW Shanghai style - philosokitchen

4 reviews
3 hours

Pork belly stew Shanghai style! I love so much this recipe since my last travel in China. The pork belly is cut into big dices, then braised into Chinese cooking wine and caramelized with sweet and sour sauce. If you are planning a trip in Shanghai, go at Jian Guo 328, the restaurant where I taste for the first time this great dish. If you are not so lucky, follow my recipe and it will be like entering in a Shanghai restaurant ;-)

Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Cider Bacon Jam and Pickled Apple - Shared Appetite

On occasion, special meals take time. And this Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Cider Bacon Jam and Pickled Apple is pretty darn specia

Mao's Hunan Red-Braised Pork (毛氏紅燒肉)

[js] Last Saturday, TS and I participated in a gathering of Vancouver bloggers and foodies for a night of Hunan food and fun. The Hunan ...

Asian-style pork belly pancakes

9 reviews
20 minutes

Pre-wrap these savoury pancakes for easy party finger-food—or serve them as-is, and let your guests get involved in a fun and casual, wrap-your-own feast.

Boiled pork wraps with spicy dipping sauce (Bossam보쌈, Ssamjang 쌈장) - AFF Korea Apr 2014

Hubby and I are late adopters in Korean cuisine, it's only in the recent years that we started dining at Korean eateries, usually the BBQ restaurants. We really enjoy the Korean style of eating grill meats - take a leaf of lettuce, place grill meat, top with spicy sauce, wrap and put the whole thing in the mouth! Recently hubby's Korean colleague introduced him the Korean way of eating grilled pork belly with kimchi and hubby was hooked, and would even crave for it these days. Until AFF…

One-Pan Pork Belly With Potatoes And Onions | Latest

This is by way of introducing my supper from last night, which I tweeted and then was asked so repeatedly for the recipe.

Sri Lankan Pork Belly Curry Recipe - Great British Chefs

Pork belly is one of those amazing ingredients that gently melts and softens with time and heat until wobbling with flavour. Here, it’s cooked in a fragrant Sri Lankan spice mix, gently braising away until the sauce clings to the meat. You’ll need to start this recipe a day in advance to allow the pork to marinate, but it’s well worth it and a fantastic change of pace to the usual (often Indian) curries cooked at home.

Maple mustard pork belly

5 reviews
2 hours

Impress your guests with our crispy maple mustard pork belly.