Gift Ideas for Him

Looking for some unique gift ideas for that special guy in your life? Christmas, birthday, Valentines Day... check out what we've got in our current stock
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four different pictures of a figurine with pink hair and mustaches on it
Vintage "smoking man" ashtray (smoke from cigarette) comes out his pipe!) $16
Vintage men's hat Vintage Men, Hats, Mens Hats Vintage, Hats For Men
Vintage men's hat
a skull wearing a green and yellow hat
Vintage "Nampa" trucker hat
a painting on the side of a building depicting two men riding horses and holding an umbrella
Vintage mirrored matador painting
Vintage men's hat Baseball Hats
Vintage men's hat
some glasses are sitting on a glass table
Assorted vintage shot glasses
several lighters are lined up on a shelf
assorted vintage lighters
Vintage Humidor, poker set stand $295 Furniture, Home Décor, Poker Set, Humidor, Magazine Rack, Poker
Vintage Humidor, poker set stand $295
several different colored hats are sitting on a bench
Vintage trucker hats
Vintage men's felt fedora Felt, Felt Fedora, Fedora
Vintage men's felt fedora
Vintage men's fedora hat Mens Fedora Hat, Mens Fedora, Fedora Hat, Cowboy Hats
Vintage men's fedora hat
a painting of a man riding on the back of an elephant with flowers in its trunk
Vintage matador velvet painting
Vintage men's rings $25 Nampa Idaho, Men's Rings, Adjustable Ring, Idaho, Class Ring, To Look, Rings For Men
Vintage men's rings $25
a drawing of a man's face is shown in a gold frame on a table
Vintage framed character color sketch $45