22 Clever Kitchen Tips That Will Make Your Life Much More Enjoyable

Herbal Tea is medicine in a cup! Check out the Herbal Tea Remedies Chart and all the easy and beneficial diy recipes while you're here.

MAGIC STAIN REMOVER!!! This is AMAZING!!! I put it this on with a toothbrush on my toddlers set-in, stained clothes from the previous season. It got the stains out! Seriously, I use this all the time now. I can't rave about it enough!!!!

magic stain remover -Hydrogen Peroxide, Dawn Dishsoap and Baking Soda. You do 2 parts peroxide, 1 part Dawn and baking soda. I mixed up a lot so I did 1 cup of peroxide and cup of the Dawn and soda.

An Almost Foolproof Way to Grow an Avocado from a Seed

An Almost Foolproof Way to Grow an Avocado Plant from a Seed

An Almost Foolproof Way to Grow an Avocado Plant from a Seed, also very good information on pruning, so the plant does not grow into a three foot high stick with a couple of leaves. Downing I know you wanted to grow an avocado tree

GORGEOUS pallet wood walkway from Funky Junk Interiors! I want one!

Pallet wood walkway all prettied up again

Very cool idea: pallet wood garden walkway from Funky Junk Interiors. Maybe I could use the wood from my Dad's pallets.

A follow-up to my post about amazing modern calligraphy fonts: here are 34 FREE calligraphic script fonts for hand-lettered, flowing wedding stationery! All the fonts listed below are absolutely free for personal use (some are free for commercial use, too – check the license!) which means you can use any and all of these.

34 Free Calligraphy Script Fonts for Wedding Invitations

Tea containers to plant herbs for the windowsill in the kitchen. décor and I am a daily tea drinker so this works well for décor and display of tea containers and plants.

Turtle Fudge Recipe

I made this for my husband and he thought I bought it at the local confectioner shop. This fudge is the best! This looks amazingly delicious and easy step by step instructions. Turtle Fudge by Niki's Sweet Side

Healing Herbs and Spices Chart for the kitchen by AmalgamARTS, $4.50 hi-Res downloadable art.

Healthy Spice/Herb chart tells the use and healthy benefits of common herbs & spices. Perfect to hang on the fridge or inside your spice cabinet

Wow, this chicken coop was made from the ruins of an old shed. What a fabulous and functional transformation!

7 Beautiful Chicken Coops to Brighten Your Backyard

This small garden shed is actually a chicken coop. The chickens even have lighting. But I can think of other wonderful things to do with this space!

Tuesday Ten: Tips for Mastering an Interview

Tuesday Ten: Tips for Mastering an Interview

Have a big job interview coming up? Don't stress–here are 10 tips on how to nail the interview with confidence and poise.

Ladylike Laws: Wedding Guest Etiquette

Ladylike Laws: Wedding Guest Etiquette

Ladylike Laws: Wedding Guest Etiquette - This should be a reading requirement for all people attending my wedding!