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Marathon Training

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Marathon training tips, race reports, workouts specific to running to hit a new PR, stay injury free or just enjoy running more

Amanda Brooks | RunToTheFinish - All Things Running
Split Long Run: Does it have the same impact as a long marathon training run? Marathon Tips, Marathon Running, Training Plan, Running Training, Training Tips, Running Humor, Running Quotes, Training Equipment, Running For Beginners

The Split Long Run: Is It As Effective?

Sunday – 4:00AM AKA – Zero dark o’clock and time to get up for a marathon training run What if I just sleep a few more minutes? And an hour later…oh man I don’t have time for all 18 miles. It happens to the best of us at some point in training, we just can’t …

You’ve finally conquered one distance, which obviously means you wouldn’t spend time getting better at it, but instead dive right in to a longer race! This is the bizarre world of running and part of Running Routine, Running Workouts, Running Tips, Trail Running, Running Quotes, Running Motivation, Running Humor, Half Marathon Training, Marathon Running

6 Ways to Increase Running Endurance and Stamina

How to increase endurance running is a common running goal that can be achieved by ANY runner will to follow a few simple guidelines. Running improvements are often far less complicated than we like to make them: easy runs, strength, mental training, eating enough…patience. Challenges never end with running and that’s part of what keeps …

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Create Advanced Workouts within Your Garmin Watch

Creating workouts for your Garmin has never been easier!

Coach Heather's Guide to Not Losing Your Mind while Tapering: 5 Race Taper Survival Tips for Runners Accessories Half Marathon Training Plan, Marathon Running, Running For Beginners, Running Tips, Trail Running, Marathon Taper, Runner Problems, Running Humor, Running Motivation

Coach Heather's Guide to Not Losing Your Mind while Tapering

Feeling like you are losing your mind while tapering for your big race? You aren't alone in those feelings. Here's 5 tips to help get you through the taper.

 Intense running, or running at the fast pace, works well in weight reduction. It has long been considered that slow running ushers you inside the fat-burning zone. Marathon Tips, Disney Marathon, First Marathon, Half Marathon Training, Marathon Running, Running Shorts Outfit, Best Running Shorts, Running Workouts, Running Tips

Top 10 Marathon Secrets to Run Faster Than Ever

Know these 10 tricks before you go to the marathon starting line.

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Female Athlete Triad

I want to start this post with a really important message: the female athlete triad is not a given for runners. It’s not an inevitable thing that’s going to happen. Running alone doesn’t make you stop menstruating or cause health problems. Whewwww, needed to get that off my chest because I think this is a …

Hilarious to Motivational Race Sign Ideas: Be an Athletic Supporter! 50 plus ideas for race signs from funny to motivational - marathon race signs for the best spectators! Running Signs, Running Posters, Running Race, Running Humor, Running Motivation, Running Quotes, Disney Running, Fitness Motivation, Funny Running Memes

50+ Funny & Motivational Race Signs | Marathon Posters & Banners

Nothing about being a race spectator is easy. The credit usually goes to those on the course, but a lot has to be said for the friends, family and volunteers who get up at dark o’ thirty to stand around for hours. Here are some marathon race sign ideas to make that process a tad …

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8 Reasons To Take a Break From Running

There are many important reasons to take a break from running. It's better to back off than to risk injury, burnout, or overtaining!

Fitness IT Band stretches you can do to find relief and prevent ongoing issues while running - See 5 IT Band Stretches that are easy to add to your post run routine or do while watching TV. Great for every runner with a tight IT Band or in recovery Yoga Fitness, Fitness Tips, Fitness Motivation, Health Fitness, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga

5 IT Band Stretches for Runners Based on Yoga

If there is one injury that plagues running friends more than any other it’s the IT Band. I’ve talked here about the specific things I do to keep mine happy since a major flare up years ago. But today I’m bringing you a great teacher to share key IT Band stretches…take it away Beth!! If …

Running Strength Training: Plyometric Training For Distance Runners – – Fitness And Exercises Strength Training For Beginners, Running For Beginners, Running Tips, Workout For Beginners, Trail Running, Weight Training For Runners, Cross Training For Runners, Strength Training For Runners, Plyometric Workout

Weight training for runners: plyometric training for distance runners

legs workout for runners - This is a running strength training plan for beginners & runners of all levels - #slimmerfitterstronger

Trying to figure out if you need more carbs, what really works or doesn't? Checkout these tips Running For Beginners, How To Start Running, Beginner Half Marathon Training, Half Marathon Motivation, Long Distance Running Tips, Running Quotes, Running Inspiration, The Night Before, Running Workouts

What to Eat the Night Before a Long Run

Marathon training brings with it a whole host of new questions. How do we run so far without getting bored? How do we prevent chafing? How do we carry food on long runs? Do we even need fuel on long runs? Which can quickly spiral us in to training overwhelm. As a coach, I encourage …

Fitness Motivation : Illustration Description Top 12 Audiobooks for running – great motivators and information on fitness and exercise -Read More – Running Workouts, Running Tips, Running Training, Trail Running, Race Training, Workout Tips, Fit Girl Motivation, Running Motivation, Fitness Motivation

12 Top Audiobooks for Running

Do you run with music? Are you tired of the same 5 songs on the radio? I was. That’s why I started listening to audiobooks while training for the San Diego marathon in 2007…I’m pretty sure the process involved taking a CD burning it on the the computer, then transferring a few chapters to my …

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Perks of a Marathon Runner

I certainly didn’t know how fun (and tiring) marathon training would be. Surprisingly there are a lot of perks of a marathon runner!

Tips for Heavier Runners - how to get started and worry less about others Beginning Running, Running Plan, How To Start Running, How To Run Faster, Starting To Run, Trail Running, Tips For Beginning Runners, How To Jog, Running Schedule

Getting Started as a Heavier Runner

Let’s address the first thing that I know is going to bring around the trolls as I talk about running overweight. Even though I’ve lost 35lbs, I’ve never been in the Athena or Clydesdale categories or classified as heavier. So what the h-e-double hockey sticks am I doing writing about this topic? 1. I get …

Facing the wall when running a marathon is almost inevitable. Here are 10 strategies I use to overcome the wall and conquer its challenges Marathon Gear, First Marathon, Marathon Running, Train For Marathon, Marathon Training For Beginners, Running For Beginners, Half Marathon Training, Running Humor, Running Workouts

How to Overcome the Marathon Wall | 10 Ways to Avoid Hitting the Wall

Hitting the wall in a marathon is nearly inevitable. These 10 tips will help you overcome the marathon wall and hit your goals.

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Overcoming a Burnout - Runners Guide

Know how to tell if you have burnout with the signs/symptoms below. Knowing can be the first step in taking control of your situation.