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an old fashioned red and white lamp on a black cloth background with the cord attached to it
Dunlap Ratchet Hand Drill Auger Brace w/ Wooden Handle Vintage Crank Handle | #1634442338
two green rulers with numbers on them and the same length for each ruler in different sizes
a table with numbers and times for different types of drill sizes in red, white and black
View topic - Tap Drill Sizes & Decimal Equivalent Charts
the machine is green and has two machines on it's sides, one with a driller
Matheys Semi Jig Borers & Millers
the parts of a lathe machine are labeled in this diagram, with instructions on how to use them
History of Lathe Machine
Lathe Parts Page 1
the diagram shows parts for a machine that is being used to work on metal objects
Driving the Top-Slide Feedscrew (Gamet Dual Dials on the Colchester Lathe)
an advertisement for the ridd portable powerdriver and propane tool, 1932
Pinups: George Petty's Ridgid Tools Calendars - AnimationResources.org - Serving the Online Animation Community
an assortment of knobs and screws are shown in this image, with the names below them
Flexliner Handwheels
an image of some type of symbols that are in yellow and black colors on a dark background
Welding Symbols | Basic and Supplementary Weld Symbols Types & Drawings