Video of how to do artistic letters

Video of how to do artistic letters - definitely worth a watch! Inspired me to do some patterned letters on gifts~

letter filler ideas

letter filler ideas I like the ideas of the letters.i should hand draw them though .Inspiration for the future Art Therapy

fun lettering

Pinned with the statement: "Beautiful typography!" But this is clearly hand-lettering. I've seen a lot of hand calligraphy identified as typography.

Watercolor, white lettering done with Uni-Ball Gel Pen

Watercolor Explore your Heart Hand Lettered Print (white lettering done with Uni-Ball Gel Pen) white ink calligraphy

cool and true ...

There are seven days in a week and someday isn't one of them. Live your life now :)

Enlarged fingerprint, writing on the lines

First, let every student make a fingerprint onto white paper. Next, blow up their fingerprints using the photocopier or larger). Then, Have your kids write words and phrases about themselves along the lines and whorls of their fingerprints :) Cool idea

Arabic Calligraphy Print- Darwish's Horse

Arabic Calligraphy, text of Mahmoud Darwish’s poem Take My Horse and Slaughter It. The poem is written exactly once, beginning in the head of the horse and finishing in the tail in the Arabic Calligraphy Diwani Jali.

sweet love in the sand

Photography - Ideas & Inspiration - Writing Love Continuous In The Sand For A Beach Photo

grow an A

"Symbiosis is a project focused on type experimentation. Based on the marvelous Didot Elder, I created a display font using branches and embroidery as shaping elements.

Focus ©joanne sharpe

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I shot the serif, a capital offense by Tom Gabor - my two faves. puns and fonts. and my dad's a cop. so that's funny too (he's the deputy. the one who didn't get shot.