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a wooden desk with shelves and a window in the back ground, next to a wood floor
an image of a water source diagram with different types of things to see in it
Harvest Rainwater to Quench Your Homestead's Thirst
Why Harvest Rainwater? Water is life. Whether you're an experienced homesteader or a beginner, this is a fact you already know. But what if there comes a day when your usual water sources are not readily available? This is a frightening scenario to ponder, but it's better to be afraid and prepared than caught off
a man standing in front of a yellow shelf filled with files and folders, surrounded by text that reads the tech behind secret doors
Build Your Own Bat Cave With Secret Room Camouflage
From rotating bookshelves installed in an hour to more elaborate escape slides, homeowners are taking advantage of high-tech opportunities to hide doors leading to private spaces.
two pictures of a fake fireplace in the middle of a room with blue walls and white trim
Sliding Fireplace
Sliding Fireplace
an old book with some writing on it
an old drawing shows how to build a wooden structure with plans for the roof and sides
the cabin plans with lofts are available for free to build and also have floor plans
10 unique plans of tiny homes and cabins with loft - Craft-Mart
If you adore shingles and a super-rustic look this plan is definitely for you. The gambrel roof helps with creating 2 very spacious bedrooms on the loft. The living room on the ground level is also spacious with three windows bringing plenty of daylight in. A small kitchenette can be made a bit larger along the wall. Clear step-by-step construction plans with detailed instructions are provided. Don't wait any longer - order these plans!