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Benefits for Widows of Veterans - VeteranAid

Military service impacts the entire family, and as the saying goes, you don’t just marry the servicemember; you marry the military as well. Military spouses experience their fair share of sacrifices over the years, living through multiple PCS orders, deployments, specific restrictions and guidelines on all sorts of elements of everyday life. And sadly, many Read More »

Money Waiting: Little-Known VA Benefit Helps Pay for Caregiving - VeteranAid

Money Waiting: Little-Known VA Benefit Helps Pay for Caregiving. This benefit is designed to financially assist veterans or surviving spouses.

How Hospice Cares for Veterans

Learn how hospice cares for veterans, the unique end-of-life issues that veterans face, and the care and assistance hospice provides to the family, friends, and caregivers of veterans.

Veterans Disability Compensation: A Beginner's Guide - Military Dollar

Veterans disability compensation is a widely misunderstood topic. It's not your fault - I had completely the wrong (but common) idea about how it worked too. Then I started researching it. Now that I know better, I thought I'd share a little of what I've learned.


Hosted by Fred Smart and Dr. Warren. Special Guest: Vietnam Veteran, Mr. Edwin Crosby III, from New York.

How to Properly Complete Your Disability Claim Forms

Do you really know how to complete your disability claim forms? They may look easy but the wrong answer may cost your claim. Learn how to fix them and win.

New VA Claims Process

The VA announced it is offering two opportunities for early participation in a new, claims decision review process.

EASIEST VA Claims to WIN (with SECRET VA data revealed and explained!)

==) Veterans, watch my free webinar training here: Need more medical evidence to service-connect and get rated at the a...

VA Benefits for Spouses of Disabled Veterans

This week, Team CCK breaks down benefits for the spouses of disabled veterans. Topics include educational benefits, insurance, caregiver programs, death bene...

Top Military Lingo and Acronym Guide! - Mrs. Navy Mama

Have you ever wondered what "language" your military member is speaking?? Here is a list of common acronyms and lingo to help you decipher like a pro!

If My Husband Is Receiving VA Disability Benefits & He Dies, Can I Still Collect the Benefits

If My Husband Is Receiving VA Disability Benefits & He Dies, Can I Still Collect the Benefits. The death of a spouse can be devastating. Even in a time of emotional distress and heartache, the bills don't stop. If your husband was receiving disability benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs before he died, you can't continue collecting...

4 Things Veterans Should Know about VA Sleep Apnea Disability Claims | For Veterans Who've Had It With The VA

Veterans of all eras were seeking my help – from Vietnam to Cold War to Afghanistan and beyond – appealing their VA Sleep Apnea disability denials.

How to get your FREE Lifetime National Parks Pass~Disabilities, 4th grade, Veterans.

Did you know if you have a disability, you may qualify for a FREE LIFETIME pass to our National Parks? Also, there are discounts and other special National Parks Pass options for senior citizens and Veterans. Even 4th Graders! Learn how, then go! #FindYourPark

Most Common Secondary VA Disabilities

Secondary service connection can lead to a substantial increase in the amount of the monthly benefits a Veteran receives from VA. Today, we break down some o...