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Roy Tollåli
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iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer (2-Packs) - $29.22

Bag Resealer - Say goodbye to rubber bands, bag clips, and twist ties. The iTouchless Bag Resealer creates airtight seals across your bags to seal in maximum freshness. This battery powered kitchen gadget heats up to reseal bags of all types and sizes.


Keep track of your furry friends when you're not home, or even just in another room, with this genius camera. It even lets you talk to and play with your pets through the Petcube app.

this would be so helpful for a fussy baby! its like sleeping with mommy without taking such a huge risk!

A co-sleeper is a baby bed that attaches to one side of an adult bed. It allows baby to remain close to the parents at night without actually being in the adult bed (which can be dangerous sometime…