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THE GOSPEL! !! 5 min that will transform your life!!!  WARRIORS UNITE! !!

May we be unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Please note that this is a metaphorical take on the Gospel. It presumes a knowledge of the historic framework of the Cross, Burial, Resurrection….

Genealogy of Jesus Infographic Zach J. Hoag

Genealogy of Jesus Infographic Zach J. Hoag, Olivia gets so bored reading the 'genealogy' parts of the Bible, this is a little more interesting to look at!

Jesus Fulfilled Prophecies

Jesus ] Fulfilled Prophecies They left out quite a few prophecies from Psalm the entire chapter sounds a lot like the Messiah- "They pierced my hands and feet"

John 17.11-24

JOHN Glory be to Heavenly Father, Son (Yeshua Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit (the mighty comforter and counselor! :) 3 Smile Jesus Loves YOU!

This one is SO hard!!!

Try and do the nicest thing you can think of for the rudest person you know. That's love Jesus' style!It works! It gives the other person a chance to think about your kindness.and it is Jesus' style.