Rosa Helena Magallanes

Rosa Helena Magallanes

Rosa Helena Magallanes
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#WritingPrompt: Your protagonist has been searching for this beast for years. (S)he may have bitten off more than (s)he can chew. But there's no going back now. After all, its blood is the only thing that can cure their disease.

amazing paintings created by a polish artist in order to overcome his depression. but I still just want to pet all the big mysterious animals

Wizard's Fire -- The power of fire should not be taken lightly. Fire, like a mistress, can be warm and caressing one moment and easily angered and apt to rage upon you the next. Man would like to think he has tamed this beast for his own use, but the truth is that we are but custodians of this demon that all too often can turn on its master. Among those who roam the night, there is known to a select few the secret of the dark arts. When one accepts fire as an entity and not one of the four…

The fire on my hand danced across my finger tips, lighting up the room. I heard a noise behind me, and my fire went out. (Open RP, I am the fire person)

Andar Descalza Por El Miedo : Foto

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