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The 3 Most Holy Masjids In Islam.

The Three Most holy Sites In Islam - These are being translated in to French and Spanish for world Distribution - Aimed and Muslim and non Muslims and A. 3 Most holy Sites In Islam

Islamic Calendar - going to use this as a reference to help us do the Islamic months sequencing. Also for kids to notice and see the Arabic writing, talk about different languages and begin to understand Arabic is an important language in Islam.

A Greatest Verse of the Quran--The Verse of The Throne--Ayat Al Kursi It's tells us all bout Allah's glory,His Attributes,His supremacy,His Lordship

@Regrann from @sufilive There is no power and no might except with Allah ﷻ! #MSHRamadan

There is no power and no might except with Allah ﷻ! Prayer for whatever obstacles, fear or worries.