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an image of a painting on wood with flowers and trees in the window sill
a drawing of a mushroom house in the woods
Simple sketch
a card with an image of a mushroom house
a drawing of a teddy bear with flowers in it's hand, on top of a table
a hand holding up a pink paper with flowers on it and a cross painted on the front
GlorifyCompany - Etsy
an acrylic painting of a cupid with bow and arrow in the sky
Cherub in the Pink Sky
a brown teddy bear with a pink bow sitting on top of a quilted bed
a drawing of a martini glass with two cherries on it and paintbrushes next to it
Painting cocktail glass
a person is painting flowers with watercolors and other paints on a white table
three lipsticks are painted on a pink canvas with white trim and one is black, the other is red
Lipstick canvas painting