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Twelve angle stone, in the Hatun Rumiyoc street of Cuzco

museum-of-artifacts: “ The twelve angle stone, in the Hatum Rumiyoc street of Cusco, is an example of Inca masonry. Circa 500 years old.

3D Printing

Printing – One Step Closer to a Star Trek Future. This infographic traces the breadth of printing and the Fact & (Science) Fiction behind it.

3d printing

Printing How It Works & Potential Applications [Infographic]Bit Rebels

17 Natural Swimming Pools You Wish Were In Your Backyard

Natural Swimming Ponds With Chemical Free Water - Clear Water Revival

Natural Pools for Swimming

Natural Pools DVD and DIY Manual pdf - these are so cool!

Garden swimming pool

This is my dream backyard. near the mountains, over the beach, with a natural pool large enough to house some koi :)

eco natural swimming pool

Favorite natural pool yet. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Natural Swim Pond.

The future of pools: Natural swimming pools. Bio pools are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional swimming pools. They come with nice pool design and are environmentally-friendly.NO chemicals and clear, safe water!


Great pool design - love the look of the natural surrounding landscape. This will be my outdoor pool at my dream home!

Natural Swimming Pool

natural pond piscine naturelle The principle of a biological swimming pool loes…