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Original US stamp 2 cents George Washington red line

I have a 2Cent George Washington Stamp for sale in Excellent condition.

Stampede small home business owners published by Pinterest Facebook and eBay


Stampede small home business owners published by Pinterest Facebook and eBay

Stampede small home business owners published by Pinterest Facebook and eBay

1968 1c Prominent Americans: Thomas Jefferson, perf 10 vertical

U.S. #1299 1¢ Thomas Jefferson Prominent Americans Series Coil Issue Date: January 12, 1968 City: Jeffersonville, IN Printed By: B

United States - Washinghton

Postage stamp #1054 from United States USA: United States - Washinghton

This Day in History… February 27, 1860

This Day in History marks an important speech by Abraham Lincoln. Continue reading →

New Zealand 1935 (1 May) - 36 SG556/569

1/2d. Bright Green - SG556 1/2d. Bright Green - SG556 1d. Scarlet - SG557 1d. Scarlet - SG557 1 1/2d. Red-brown - SG558 1 1/2d. Red-brown - SG558 2d. Orange - SG559 2d. Orange - SG559 2 1/2d. Chocolate & Slate - SG560 2 1/2d. Chocolate & Slate - SG560 3d. Brown - SG561 3d. Brown - SG561 4d. Black & Sepia - SG562 4d. Black & Sepia - SG562 5d. Ultramarine - SG563 5d. Ultramarine - SG563 6d. Scarlet - SG564 6d. Scarlet - SG564 8d. Chocolate - SG565 8d. Chocolate - SG565 9d. Scarlet & Black…

Washington stamp

rare Washington stamp perforation error very fine condition no returns postage pd

US Stamp Gallery >> Dwight D. Eisenhower

Although there are controversies surrounding his military and political careers, there is agreement that Dwight D. Eisenhower, "Ike," was among the most beloved popular heroes of his time. Born in Denison, TX, Eisenhower graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1915. He was refused fo... Browse all the colorful stamps through the history of the United States of America. Search for stamps by topic, date, commemoration, subject matter. A great resource on stamps for the casual stamp…

Austria postage stamp: art

c. 1922 designed by W. Dachauer

1917 3c Washington, violet, type I

U.S. #489 Series of 1916-17 3¢ Washington Type I Issue Date: October 10, 1917 Printed by: Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Germany- Semi-Postal, Air Post, Officials, Offices Abroad

1911 Offices in Morocco: Scott 54 1p25c on 1m German stamps of 1905 surcharged "Marokko" Quick History This section is not really "Quick History", as I've covered that with the preceding German blogs. But let's discuss briefly stamp categories. I generally would label these stamp categories as "Back of the Book" or "BOB", as that is the way they are organized in the Scott catalogue.. But the term is only used in the U.S. and Scott-centric world, so I decided to list major categories in the…