once a chapel, then a military hospital, now a stunning restaurant for those in Antwerp to enjoy | designed by: Piet Boon

Holy Dining at The Jane in Antwerp

Hail Jane, full of grace: Piet Boon studio has transformed the church of a former military hospital into Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril’s new restaurant of in Antwerp, Belgium.

Biasol: | no19. Beautiful pale interior scheme with a soft green, pale wood furniture and white with contemporary wall lighting

Restaurant - concrete flooring - bar - high stools - tables - wall bench - banquette seating - wall lighting - white - light - soft green and grey - pale wood furniture - brass details

indoor plants and decor at cafe birdie. / sfgirlbybay black bentwood chairs

Take inspiration from these five spaces and elevate your home with a touch of teal. Add a unique twist to your living room with a teal sofa, or even paint your walls a deep forest-green hue.

Nice and some amazing dining rooms designs you can discover in Los Angeles to help you inspire further!

Verve Coffee. West Hollywood, California. 2015

Global cafes are buzzing with caffeine and conversation. Firm: OFFICIAL DesignProject: Houndstooth CoffeeSite: Dallas, TexasStandout: An island bar anchors the clean-lined cafe and allows .