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the man behind the slaughter poster is surrounded by papers flying in the air and on top of his head
William Afton - The Man Behind The Slaughter
a man standing next to a fire with his hands in his pockets and the words michael afton above him
Noisx fnaf
a kid sitting on the ground next to a teddy bear with a glass of wine
a cartoon bear is holding an apple in front of a window with the caption, what inspired you to be a part of uni?
the five different types of animated characters are depicted in this cartoon style image with caption below
there is a stuffed animal with a smile on it's face that says, i know you're there sempai
Fnaf 5
(73%) Examples of the various genders in FNaF.
a purple bunny holding a guitar and singing into the microphone with other symbols around it
an image of a cartoon character flying in the sky with another character laying on it's back
Larahhhhhhish🔥♥️(20/20 commission slots CLOSED) on X
By @JDBryant3D
By @JDBryant3D
an image of two men and a boy in front of a computer screen with the caption'la familia afton no exit '
Memes de Fnaf #1
a man standing next to a white rabbit mascot on the side of a road at night
Celogettarex on Twitter
an image of some cartoon characters on a pink background
Sooo cute :3