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a woman is painting on the floor with blue paint
Emma Lindström - Cosmic Compositions
Emma Lindström - Cosmic Compositions 26-year-old painter Emma Lindström creates colorful swirls of awesomeness using a combination of acrylic and spraypaint. Though the artist is from Sweden, her work feels as though it came from an entirely...
an abstract drawing with lines in the shape of waves and a bird flying over it
Alexi K, Cognitive Polygraph (Woman Disrobing), 2013 (Pen & Ink)
an abstract painting of a woman holding a baseball bat
Modern Art - - Acrylic ...BTW,Please Check this out: http://artcaffeine.imobileappsys.com
a painting of trees in the woods with oranges and yellows on them, as well as an article about how to paint it
"Twilight Dance" - acrylic tree landscape by Carol Nelson - carolnelsonfineart.com
an abstract painting with blue trees on orange background
Blue Grove 2 by Carol Nelson Mixed media on metal leaf board. carolnelsonfineart.com
an abstract painting with flowers on it
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Carol Nelson
an old rusted metal surface with some writing on the top and bottom part of it
3 Free Rust Textures by kropped on DeviantArt
Rust Textur
an abstract painting with blue and brown colors
Sanctuary by Holly Anderson
Texture! paper art Visual Texture Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures
an image of leaves that have been taken from the instagram page on pint
Beautiful work.
an abstract painting with lots of circles and dots on the bottom, in blue tones
Amy Eisenfeld Genser "Waterfall" paper and acrylic on canvas. Love the "feel" of this work, almost like being in a coral reef.