Renate Nordgård

Renate Nordgård

Renate Nordgård
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Yoga For Kids

To beat off the stress, enroll your children in yoga; they will develop both physically and mentally.Let us know some important benefits of yoga for kids

LADY Supreme Finish Matt 10341 KALK

Koti Englannissa - A Home in England Option Väri-ideoita - Colour Ideas .

30 Second Makeup Tip - Perfect Eyeliner Every Time. Where has this been all my life?

Draw along the curve on the upper part of the eyelash curler for a perfect eyeliner every time. Lift eye brown and press into the eyelid and hold for about 30 seconds and pump times. -- 30 Second Makeup Tip idk about this but i'll try

Genius! Eye Makeup Tricks - must know! Beauty Point Of View #makeup #beauty #tips #tutorial

Eye Makeup Tricks - Must Know - Beauty Point Of View.I don't know if this would actually work but my eyeliner always comes off when when I curl my eyelashes, so maybe.

17 Perfect Nail Designs With Striping Tape

This Matte Black Tape Manicure by Liloo is gorgeous! She used blocks of glossy black & matte black nail polish sectioned off with gold striping tape to give this nail design a really classy, French Manicure, feel.